Rewiew: Yumi Zouma – Yoncalla


After a series of excellent EPs, New Zealand’s Yumi Zouma have finally released Yoncalla, their debut LP. The band have been steadily attracting attention in the last few years for their rich yet delicate melodies, and as June creeps in, will Yoncalla stand out as the synth rock sound of summer? Continue reading

New Video: Mø

Another new release this week was ‘s latest collaboration with producer Diplo, the melodic Kamikazi. Riding the waves of success after the Lean On collaboration with Major Lazer this summer, I’m glad that she is back to making her own music again (even if it is with 1/3 of Major Lazer) but Kamikazi doesn’t quite do it for me, maybe I am just turning into one of those who only liked the artist before they got popular – but maybe it will grow on me, I’m not giving up on her just yet. The video was released today, all bold costume choices and fast cars, check it out above.

New Music: Blood Orange

New day new music, (fourth quarter!) and now it’s time for Blood Orange to drop his newest single. Complete with a groovy monochrome video, Sandra’s Smile has many of the qualities we have become to associate with Dev Hynes’ music; some exuberant dancing, a NYC backdrop and, my favourite, lots of tender and sultry saxophone. However, I have not taken to Sandra’s Smile like I did to You’re Not Good Enough or Champagne Coast, but I am still excited about a potential new record on the horizon.

New Music: Grimes

I forgot how excellent the fourth quarter is. In fact, I am so excited by all this new music, that I am even blogging again. Despite all this new music to sink my teeth into, it’s Grimes‘ upcoming Art Angels that I have been anticipating the most.

I adore Visions, when it was released I bought the CD for the cover art, and listened to it on repeat, admiring the simple complexities of Grimes’ artistic and musical genius. I was even on board with the heavily criticised Go when it dropped last year, and ever since then I have been waiting patiently for new music. Even REALiTi gave me fleeting hope (which has now appeared on the track listing for the new record), but alas, no follow up to Visions was to be seen for a few more months. However, I was not worried, as I believe that any artist bold enough to scrap a whole record because “it sucked”, was looking to produce something a little special. Flesh without Blood & Life in the Vivid Dream are the first tasters of this new direction, and in my opinion, it’s fucking great. Act I is Flesh without Blood, a slick and dynamic hit that packs one big punch; four-minutes of solid energy that is painfully catchy, and easily the pop-est thing she has ever released. Don’t get me wrong, I fell in love with Grimes for her dark, brooding minimalism, but I just cannot hate it, I can’t even criticise it, especially as it has been released alongside a pastel kitsch music video, complete with angel wings, 18th century haute couture, blood and dancing, all produced, directed, written and edited by Grimes herself. Act II, Life in the Vivid Dream slows it right down to a tempo that feels more familiar and brings us forward into the next stage of Grimes’ artistic discourse. It’s an explosive introduction to what I hope is a rich and vibrant record. She can do no wrong in my eyes, and I hope I’m not disappointed on November 6th.

Art Angels track listing

  1. laughing and not being normal
  2. California
  3. SCREAM [ft. Aristophanes]
  4. Flesh without Blood
  5. Belly of the beat
  6. Kill V. Maim
  7. Artangels
  8. Easily
  9. Pin
  10. Realiti
  11. World Princess part II
  12. Venus Fly [ft. Janelle Monáe]
  13. Life in the Vivid Dream
  14. Butterfly

SOTD: Adele – Hello

Today marks the second anniversary of this blog, and the millionth time I have emerged, dazed and bleary eyed, from hiatus. Sorry. It’s also the day after Adele dropped some new music and everyone had an emotional meltdown.

I also recently decided to commit to the 3 month free-trial of Apple Music, meaning that I can listen to music on the go again, in the hope that I would listen to more music and kick-start this blog again. Well, that was the plan, but I’ve only really used it to listen to Justin Beiber’s What Do You Mean and the new releases from Chvrches and Lana Del Rey, and now Hello.

Several days after a 30-second, black and white, nameless trailer for Hello made everyone drop the remote during an X Factor ad break, Adele released Hello, a sequel to Lionel Richie’s 1983 classic. I’m joking, of course, Hello is simply brilliant, as emotionally mature as anything from the previous albums and as my good pal Batavia Noise put it, makes me wish I was heartbroken so I could cry with Adele in a cold forest. The album, titled 25, is released November 20. Can’t wait.

SOTD: Halsey – Colors

So late this party, but Halsey‘s Badlands is making my life right now. Sometimes you just need some shameless sexy pop music to get you through the day. With an excellent beat and a hook that will have you humming for days, Colors is one of the catchiest songs I have heard in a good few months. Having broken through earlier this year the Room 93 EP, and with the success of her first full length, all signs point to an artist who can only continue to thrive.