Review: Ball Park Music @ Water Rats 23/10/2013


So I got offered a couple of free tickets to see Aussie band Ball Park Music last night in Kings Cross, so I thought why not. Having been assured they were a good live band, I went in blind and I was not disappointed.

I only caught the second support act, another Aussie bunch called Sheppard who filled the role of support perfectly – thoroughly enjoyable and fun way to kick off the evening, I was almost sad to see them leave the stage.

When Ball Park Music came on, as I say I went in blind, and felt it was a fairly slow start; perhaps that was because the show was sold out and the venue was a little cramped. The gig definitely picked up considerably with a track called Rich People Are Stupid which was a short, punchy guitar ditty about well, how rich people are stupid. I was definitely felt like the minority – 80% of the crowd were Australians who knew all the words and sang along with serious gusto – which was wonderful to behold and made the show feel intimate and personal.

The tracks which stood out for me particularly was the wonderfully titled Sad Rude Future Dude with a chorus that sang “I haven’t had a friend in years, I only have sex with myself”, and Bad Taste Blues (Part II); both lyrically self deprecating, but the rocky, upbeat tempo made them a hell of a lot of fun to sing along too. They included a couple of new songs from an upcoming record, and an absolutely brilliant cover of December 1963 (Oh What A Night) which had the whole place jumping, through to the clear fan favourite It’s Nice To Be Alive and finally finishing with the cleverly titled iFly (which stands for I fucking love you, fyi)

It really exposes a band when they can’t engage an unfamiliar audience live, which is why it’s so great to see a band or artist who can achieve that level of fun and excitement to a completely fresh set of ears, recorded music only goes so far but a great live show is what makes a great band. Hats off to you, Ball Park Music! You have another fan in me.


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