New Music: Best Coast – Fade Away

Today I sat down and had my first full and uninterrupted listen through of Best Coast‘s newest (and shortest) release, Fade Away. With only seven tracks, the whole album is short, sweet and Best Coast through and through. The usual happy-go-lucky surf rock vibe is solid from start to finish, and Bethany Cosentino’s California drawl carries the record from the intense and repetitive This Lonely Morning, to the band’s official release and final track I Don’t Know How, which lazily winds its way through the first minute and a half before ramping it up to end the album on a high.

Fade Away hasn’t taken any steps to separate itself as a stand-out from the previous albums, it’s everything you would expect from a Best Coast record.  The only major disparity is the band delve into slightly darker territory; where Boyfriend sang coyly about the man of Cosentino’s dreams, Fear of Identity and Baby, I’m Crying chronicle the more mournful tone of lost love and heartbreak. Bobb Bruno’s infectious riffs and languid guitar can be heard throughout, particularly What Have I Become, which stands out for it’s incredibly catchy chorus and punchy drums. It’s the backbone of the record which reminds you of Best Coast’s ability to continually write top-notch surf rock anthems.


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