New Music: MØ

Back in May of this year I went to catch CHVRCHES at The Great Escape festival, and getting into the venue as efficiently as I did meant I managed to catch the second half the tall, slim, blonde Danish electropop songstress, . I remember watching her writhing around on stage while the intense, deep bass destroyed my eardrums, and it was awesome. Skip forward a few months and MØ has been popping up all over the blogosphere, and for good reason. The release of Waste of Time and 2012’s massive Pilgrim, followed up by a stunning remix courtesy of MS MR, are impressive snippets of what promised to be a big year for MØ, cementing her place among other lone electro darlings such as Lykke Li and Grimes. Bikini Daze was released last week, lead by the Diplo assisted single XXX 88; a gritty, synthy, bassy pop track carried by MØ’s gorgeously modulated tones. MØ’s slow and methodical rise to notoriety, through the steady trickle of quality music has created a great deal of buzz as far as an LP is concerned. I am not sure what the next year will hold for MØ, but I can assure you it will be big.


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