New Video: Bombay Bicycle Club – Carry Me

In the internet age, keeping people interested in you for more than three minutes can be a challenge, which is why interactive music videos are a creative way of keeping people listening and entertained. Arcade Fire are well known for harnessing this for tracks off both The Suburbs and Reflektorand of course there was the ingenious crowd-sourced video by Light Light. Now other bands are jumping on board, and the latest are the brilliant Bombay Bicycle Club who have released an interactive study of movement for their new single Carry Me. The song itself is a little more dramatic than previous releases, which mainly feature cute, twangy guitar combined with Jack Steadman’s quavering vocals. Carry Me, however is full band and full sound; the vocals are confident, the music is brasher and it’s a pleasant change of pace from the folk rock sound they’re known for. The video asks the viewer to move a collection of static film clips to create your own movement and pace to the song, it’s simple but engaging and will undoubtably be huge.

Watch/participate in the video for Carry Me HERE.

Or just watch the run-of-the-mill Vevo version


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