New Music: Natasha North

I have been sitting on this EP for a little while, seeing as I wanted to get this blog up and running before I talked about it. A couple months ago I got a chance to listen to Natasha North‘s second EP Gather and Run for the first time, and as soon as I heard the layered, silvery opening vocals of the singer/songwriter, I was instantly intrigued. Gather and Run is the perfect balance between folk and pop, but less Taylor Swift and more Mumford & Sons. The uplifting and organic feel of the music is represented in the video for the single, which definitely makes me want to run around in the woods, I don’t know about you. Relapse is lyrically honest, heartfelt and achingly relatable. It’s painfully melancholy, and builds beautifully to a climax which features nothing but Natasha’s poignant lyrics.

Last Goodbye and Secrets Untold continue the theme of heartache, both equally simple and mellow, making you pay attention to the lyrics over any musical glitz. Secrets Untold was a pleasure to hear live, and unlike the EP version, the live show featured hints of that lingering, haunting Sigur Ros sound, which can send a chill down anyones spine. Ending on the woeful Last Goodbye, I do hope this is not Natasha North’s last goodbye by any means, if anything it’s her first hello and I expect we will hear a lot more from her in the coming months.


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