SOTD: Tancred – Indiana

Tancred is the solo project of Jess Abbott, best known as being 1/3 of Minneapolis Indie rock band Now, Now. Tancred has been releasing music for a couple of years, mainly through bits and bobs on youtube, and the String & Twine and Capes EPs in 2011. Indiana however, is a track off her first self-titled LP, released in October of this year. Tancred’s music has always felt intensely nostalgic to me. If a chunk of your adolescence took place during the early years of Death Cab For Cutie or Jimmy Eat World then you probably understand. There is something about an over accentuated American accent which is very telling of a certain period of time and particular genre of music. It’s desperately honest, with a bitter edge, a shift from tracks like String & Twine’s Bones and Capes’ Black Cat which were helplessly heartbreaking and generally cryptic. Indiana lashes out, cuts right to it; “Now you treat me like I’m something caught between your teeth.” It’s a growth in Abbott’s music that is different from both Now, Now and early Tancred, making it a pleasant, albeit nostalgic listening experience.

While you’re at it, it’s definitely worth checking out Bradley Hale’s side project Sombear, another 1/3 of the Now, Now clan. I will talk about his music in due course.


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