New Video: The Killers – Just Another Girl

Just Another Girl is the second single off The Killers Direct Hits album, following the absurdly catchy homage to 80s pop Shot At The Night. Now, I am currently having a slight seizure because the premise of the video appeals so me on oh so many levels. Firstly, it’s The Killers, and since witnessing Brandon Flowers strut his stuff at the O2 last year, I have been enlightened to what a genius band they were (sadly the Direct Hits album marks the bands final split, with Flowers continuing on with solo projects.) Secondly, the video stars Diana Agron, probably best known for her role in the love-it-or-hate-it Glee. Thirdly, Diana Agron is embodying some of the most iconic styles The Killers are known for, from Somebody Told Me, through to Bones; moustaches, leather jackets and mariachi-esque dickie bows. It’s a poignant, playful video exploring the bands image and music over the years, one for die hard fans and casual listener alike. The song itself isn’t anything spectacular or groundbreaking, but it definitely does not nothing to relieve my crush on Diana Agron.


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