Review: London In Stereo Showcase @ Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen 08/12/2013


Thanks to Amazing Radio I managed to nab a couple of tickets to London In Stereo‘s December showcase featuring Stay Bless, Bat And Ball, Ghosting Season, GAPS and Snow Ghosts.

Due to time restraints and work commitments I only got there in time to catch the final three bands. The first of which I managed to catch were the wholly impressive Ghosting Season, an electronic fusion of intense sound which sucks you in before you even really know what’s going on. The Manchester-based duo create some seriously mesmerising music which is both precise and in places explosive. A highlight was the use of the Sigur Ros style guitar/bow combo which took the music from deep and rich to ethereal in the blink of an eye.

GAPS were the band I entered to see. Bandmates Rachel and Ed create a sound that is partly haunting and other worldly, but combined with the sliding acoustic guitars means that is stays firmly down to earth. Rachel’s voice, though difficult to decipher, lifts the music to something which is a little The xx and a little Chromatics but is entirely unique.

The final band I caught was the headliner, Snow Ghosts – Ghosts and Wolves seem to be the latest trend in 2014 band names. Snow Ghosts offered something different to the previous acts. It was lyrically darker and really quite dramatic – the music very much sets a doomed scene, fulled my lead singer Hannah Cartwright (aka Augustus Ghost) powerful vocals. It’s a little Evanescence in places with a bit more bite; less hard rock and more deep, earthy bass and subtle magnetic dub step.


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