SOTD: BANKS – Waiting Game (Prod. by SOHN)

A misty and atmospheric London afternoon deserves an equally atmospheric song of the day. As we edge towards the new year, LA’s BANKS is possibly on every ‘Ones To Watch for 2014’ list there is. This is possibly is down to the London EP and lead track Waiting Game are just so very, very good – as well as touring alongside The Weeknd and working with a variety of other artists such as Jessy LanzaLil Silva and Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs which have helped sculpt and mould her image and sound. Waiting Game, however, is produced by fellow up-and-coming producer/musician SOHN. The track is haunting and sexy throughout; mournful R&B/soul meets slicing indie electronica. BANKS’ melancholy lyricism skims the surface and builds into a seductive, sultry track which shifts from mournful percussion to soft but highly effective synth beats. It’s a song worthy of any breakthrough single.


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