January Round-up: 2014 So Far

After three weeks of raising my phone to the sky and praying for wifi, I’m back and so is the ridiculously titled Tender Lentil! Apparently 2014 has been really great for music so far, so while I catch up after a three week blackout, here are the most noteworthy bits and pieces from the last 19 days.

  • St. Vincent showcased Digital Witness off her self-titled album out February 25.
  • Apparently Grimes is working on new stuff. Praise.
  • Warpaint dropped new album Warpaint. 
  • To my fathers excitement, Bruce Springsteen dropped his 153rd album, High Hopes, proving that he is definitely a music making robot built by the US government to sell us the American dream through uplifting rock n’ roll.
  • ‘s Don’t Wanna Dance was Zane Lowe’s Hottest Track for a while, for good reason. Ironically, it makes you want to dance. Fancy that.
  • Tears For Fears covered Animal Collective‘s My Girls and it’s brilliant, plus they are definitely rivalling Animal Collective on the trippy video front.
  • Luna is Bombay Bicycle Club‘s second single off their newest LP, and it’s top notch good, I’m hoping the rest of the album will follow suit.
  • James Blake showcased 40455 some new James Blake that sounds very James Blake-y
  • Iggy Azalea has been working with Bro Safari and freestyles on Animal Noise.
  • Disclosure released their surrealist video for Grab Her.
  • Wild Beasts also dropped a new track and video for Wanderlust, the first single off their Feb 24 release Present Tense, it’s wonderfully melancholy and I can see myself walking around murmuring “Don’t confuse me with someone who gives a fuck” sometime in the near future.

Here are three really really good songs which have surfaced in 2014

  • Yumi ZoumaThe Brae
  • Kevin DrewGood Sex
  • ElephantElusive Youth

Let 2014 commence!


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