New Video: Arcade Fire

Arcade Fire teased fan with a short clip of actor Andrew Garfield walking through a crowd of people at Coachella in drag earlier this month for the single We Exist. The full video was released today and depicts a fairly harrowing but all too familiar depiction of LGBT and more specifically Trans* abuse/gender dysmorphia. Garfield plays a trans* woman who goes to a bar and is attacked by a group of men, then hallucinates said men dancing in Tobias Funke-like denim shorts and lumberjack shirts. The video closes with her dancing onstage alongside Arcade Fire (seemingly from their Coachella set last month.) So far (according to Facebook) the reaction has been overwhelmingly positive, which isn’t surprising among Arcade Fire’s key listenership, but how much of the video I wonder how much of the feedback will be ‘OH LOOK, ANDREW GARFIELD’ rather than ‘GENDER/TRANS* ISSUES ARE IMPORTANT AND SHOULD BE PORTRAYED TO EDUCATE RATHER THAN SHOCK/ENTERTAIN’ – I guess we will soon find out.


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