New Music: Lanks

Somewhere between The xx and Chet Faker lies Lanks, a euphonious project from the mind of Melbourne based Will Cuming. He emerged a few months ago with a Zappa-like spoken-word single titled Rises and Falls and has followed up with the 6-track EP Thousand Piece Puzzle.

It’s another triumph of the Aussie music scene; through an electronic lens, Cuming weaves between vocals styles, and experiments with a variety of languid beats and smokey atmospheres. The vocal narratives of The Butcher and Rises and Falls are reminiscent of fellow Aussie Nick Cave, and provide a poetic and evocative style which is sweepingly different from the melodic, hazy Bon Iver-like vocals which make up the other side of the EP. It’s rare to uncover an EP with such a variety of soundscapes, every track is a stand alone masterpiece, which like a puzzle, fit together perfectly. Green Light bounces between Cuming’s deep, moody tones and fellow bandmate Jess Bonnitcha’s light and uplifting vocal style to create a gorgeously ambient and evocative highlight. Closing with the short but sweet instrumental piece Lady Elliot, Cuming is able to prove that he is more than just another electronic musician, weaving feverish flutes into ethereal synth beds. He is currently playing some dates with Yumi Zouma (who in turn are opening for Chet Faker) in Australia.


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