SOTD: Eriel Indigo – Innocence

First things first, this blog is still alive, it just blooms into life a little less often than usual, I apologise for this, but sadly my hobbies had to take a step back because real life became a lot more hectic. Thank you for your continued music plugs though, I try and make sure I check out every one.

Enough of that, here’s a tune I am rather enjoying. I wasn’t sure I was going to like Eriel Indigo when I clicked play, her aesthetic is a little too ‘artpop’ for my liking, a little too much galactic-inspired sweetness but actually, Innocence is a massive tune. Layers of cool synths, jagged electronic beats and flowery lyrics, peppered with mockery to create a concise yet biting little track. She will be releasing a new video every month for the next year until the release of her first full length EP Galactivate which will drop, I’m guessing, at some point next year.


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