New Music: Blood Orange

What I love about Dev Hynes is that he doesn’t care what you think of him, or his music, he will make sure his anger and empathy are heard through art, social media and live performances no matter how controversial. At 10 minutes long, Do You See My Skin Through The Flames will be on Blood Orange‘s upcoming third record, and is a rich but sombre track that goes straight to the heart of racial injustice, privilege and police brutality. I am a huge fan of Blood Orange, 2013s stunning Cupid Deluxe struck a chord with me and many others. It weaved subtle references to the depressed and the dispossessed alongside intricate, gorgeous melodies. However, Do You See My Skin Through The Flames has ripped away that subtlety, leaving behind an open wound of rage, isolation and exhaustion, directly addressed to those complicit in the racial injustices gripping US law enforcement, and calling out all those who are silent in the face of social unrest. Whatever the next few records hold for Dev Hynes & Blood Orange, it’s safe to say he has only just begun.


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