SOTD/New Music: Songs about Berlin

Hello. Sorry I haven’t been posting, I am finishing up the tail end of my Masters.

I was also in Berlin for a few days, so to apologise and to tide us both over for a while, here are some songs about Berlin, or by bands with Berlin in the title, because Berlin is cool.

This track was sent to my inbox, and it’s a nice little indie pop rock track from Sydney-based band Berlin Blue. It’s got a good rhythm while being utterly radio friendly, but reminds me a little of bands I used to listen to when I was sixteen. Anyway, it’s catchy, and I am looking forward to anything else from these guys.

I have so much love for this song. Released a couple of years ago, RY X‘s Berlin such an understated and delicate track, full of atmosphere and emotion. Beautiful vocals, beautiful musicianship, beautiful song.

Can’t do a Berlin post without Berlin.


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