New Music: Blood Orange

New day new music, (fourth quarter!) and now it’s time for Blood Orange to drop his newest single. Complete with a groovy monochrome video, Sandra’s Smile has many of the qualities we have become to associate with Dev Hynes’ music; some exuberant dancing, a NYC backdrop and, my favourite, lots of tender and sultry saxophone. However, I have not taken to Sandra’s Smile like I did to You’re Not Good Enough or Champagne Coast, but I am still excited about a potential new record on the horizon.

New Music: Grimes

I forgot how excellent the fourth quarter is. In fact, I am so excited by all this new music, that I am even blogging again. Despite all this new music to sink my teeth into, it’s Grimes‘ upcoming Art Angels that I have been anticipating the most.

I adore Visions, when it was released I bought the CD for the cover art, and listened to it on repeat, admiring the simple complexities of Grimes’ artistic and musical genius. I was even on board with the heavily criticised Go when it dropped last year, and ever since then I have been waiting patiently for new music. Even REALiTi gave me fleeting hope (which has now appeared on the track listing for the new record), but alas, no follow up to Visions was to be seen for a few more months. However, I was not worried, as I believe that any artist bold enough to scrap a whole record because “it sucked”, was looking to produce something a little special. Flesh without Blood & Life in the Vivid Dream are the first tasters of this new direction, and in my opinion, it’s fucking great. Act I is Flesh without Blood, a slick and dynamic hit that packs one big punch; four-minutes of solid energy that is painfully catchy, and easily the pop-est thing she has ever released. Don’t get me wrong, I fell in love with Grimes for her dark, brooding minimalism, but I just cannot hate it, I can’t even criticise it, especially as it has been released alongside a pastel kitsch music video, complete with angel wings, 18th century haute couture, blood and dancing, all produced, directed, written and edited by Grimes herself. Act II, Life in the Vivid Dream slows it right down to a tempo that feels more familiar and brings us forward into the next stage of Grimes’ artistic discourse. It’s an explosive introduction to what I hope is a rich and vibrant record. She can do no wrong in my eyes, and I hope I’m not disappointed on November 6th.

Art Angels track listing

  1. laughing and not being normal
  2. California
  3. SCREAM [ft. Aristophanes]
  4. Flesh without Blood
  5. Belly of the beat
  6. Kill V. Maim
  7. Artangels
  8. Easily
  9. Pin
  10. Realiti
  11. World Princess part II
  12. Venus Fly [ft. Janelle Monáe]
  13. Life in the Vivid Dream
  14. Butterfly

New Music: Bat For Lashes

Finally, something to get very excited about. Over the last couple of weeks, Natasha Kahn of Bat For Lashes has been treating fans to a game of hang man, eventually revealing the name of the new album & project titled Sexwitch. According to Pitchfork, Sexwitch is a set of six covers of 1970s psych and folk songs from around the world, something a little different from your usual album release. Along with the announcement of the project, Kahn shared Helelyos, a cover of a 1996 Iranian funk track. Sexwitch is out on September 25th.

SOTD/New Music: Songs about Berlin

Hello. Sorry I haven’t been posting, I am finishing up the tail end of my Masters.

I was also in Berlin for a few days, so to apologise and to tide us both over for a while, here are some songs about Berlin, or by bands with Berlin in the title, because Berlin is cool.

This track was sent to my inbox, and it’s a nice little indie pop rock track from Sydney-based band Berlin Blue. It’s got a good rhythm while being utterly radio friendly, but reminds me a little of bands I used to listen to when I was sixteen. Anyway, it’s catchy, and I am looking forward to anything else from these guys.

I have so much love for this song. Released a couple of years ago, RY X‘s Berlin such an understated and delicate track, full of atmosphere and emotion. Beautiful vocals, beautiful musicianship, beautiful song.

Can’t do a Berlin post without Berlin.

New Music: Chvrches

How did I miss this?! Oh well, better late than never. This is the stunning new single from Glasgow trio Chvrches, taken from their new album Every Open Eye. I was a huge fan of The Bones Of What You Believe so when the band announced a new album I was thrilled, but managed to completely miss the first singleIt’s always a test of a bands talent whether or not they can carry off the second album, this remains to be seen in Chvrches new release, but Leave A Trace is such a catchy little number, full of angst, synths and a new found confidence – it’s a very good sign of things to come. Every Eye Open is out September 25.

New Music: Lana Del Rey – Honeymoon

It only feels like five minutes since Ultraviolence, but already rumours have been flying that Lana Del Rey will drop a new album titled Honeymoon in September. Well the rumours are true, and the record has been announced alongside the release of the albums title track. At nearly six-minutes long, it’s nothing stand out and doesn’t gives me chills like Born To Die did, but as a staunch Lana Del Rey fan, I am intrigued to see if Honeymoon will be anything to get excited about.

New Music: Laurel – Blue Blood

I have found a new favourite, seemingly along with the rest of the blogging world! UK based singer Laurel has been an underground favourite for the past couple of years, producing a fresh and hypnotic vocal style and bewitching melodies. So far she has been keeping herself busy working alongside acts such as FKA Twigs and Yung Gud on the Allelopathy EP, as well as a second EP titled Holy Water. The release of Blue Blood has set the blogs on fire, and for good reason. The track slowly builds for a dramatic and complex euphony. It’s bold and cinematic ambience will draw comparisons to Lana Del Rey, but the more I hear from Laurel, the more she stands on her own as someone to firmly keep an eye out for in the next few months.