SOTD: Adele – Hello

Today marks the second anniversary of this blog, and the millionth time I have emerged, dazed and bleary eyed, from hiatus. Sorry. It’s also the day after Adele dropped some new music and everyone had an emotional meltdown.

I also recently decided to commit to the 3 month free-trial of Apple Music, meaning that I can listen to music on the go again, in the hope that I would listen to more music and kick-start this blog again. Well, that was the plan, but I’ve only really used it to listen to Justin Beiber’s What Do You Mean and the new releases from Chvrches and Lana Del Rey, and now Hello.

Several days after a 30-second, black and white, nameless trailer for Hello made everyone drop the remote during an X Factor ad break, Adele released Hello, a sequel to Lionel Richie’s 1983 classic. I’m joking, of course, Hello is simply brilliant, as emotionally mature as anything from the previous albums and as my good pal Batavia Noise put it, makes me wish I was heartbroken so I could cry with Adele in a cold forest. The album, titled 25, is released November 20. Can’t wait.

SOTD: Halsey – Colors

So late this party, but Halsey‘s Badlands is making my life right now. Sometimes you just need some shameless sexy pop music to get you through the day. With an excellent beat and a hook that will have you humming for days, Colors is one of the catchiest songs I have heard in a good few months. Having broken through earlier this year the Room 93 EP, and with the success of her first full length, all signs point to an artist who can only continue to thrive.

SOTD/New Music: Songs about Berlin

Hello. Sorry I haven’t been posting, I am finishing up the tail end of my Masters.

I was also in Berlin for a few days, so to apologise and to tide us both over for a while, here are some songs about Berlin, or by bands with Berlin in the title, because Berlin is cool.

This track was sent to my inbox, and it’s a nice little indie pop rock track from Sydney-based band Berlin Blue. It’s got a good rhythm while being utterly radio friendly, but reminds me a little of bands I used to listen to when I was sixteen. Anyway, it’s catchy, and I am looking forward to anything else from these guys.

I have so much love for this song. Released a couple of years ago, RY X‘s Berlin such an understated and delicate track, full of atmosphere and emotion. Beautiful vocals, beautiful musicianship, beautiful song.

Can’t do a Berlin post without Berlin.

SOTD: Cloves – Frail Love

Time to slow things down with this super pretty track from Australian singer/songwriter Cloves. Frail Love is a gorgeous ballad which wouldn’t be out of place on any Adele record, full of longing and heartache, the track manages to hold you right through to the very end. Cloves’ first EP titled XIII will be released soon.

SOTD: The Legends – Winter is the Warmest Season

It’s Love is The Legends’ fifth studio album. It documents the band member Johan Angergård’s recent struggles with of loss, love and identity. Of all the tracks, Winter is the Warmest Season stuck with me the most. It is an utter joy from start to finish, a slow meander through ethereal vocals and a musical style that is very easy to get lost in. Released through Cascine last week, It’s Love can be heard in full over on the labels soundcloud page.

SOTD: Tiny Rhymes – Arrows

This was sent to my inbox recently (see, I do check it) and I fell in love. Arrows is a really lovely little tune, and reminds me of early Kate Nash minus the London accent. Arrows is the first sign of Tiny Rhymes in over a year, and is indie folk at its finest; delicate, a little shy and perfect for a warm summers day.